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CASE 106: Baby of Savitha

Age: 2 months 19 days Father: Labour in Dubai Monther: Savitha, House Wife Place: pipri village, Bheemgal Mandal , Nizamabad Diagnosis: VSD surgical closer, most complicated surgery ADF contribution: Rs.1,00,000. An extremely complicated surgery involving closure ...
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CASE 105: Child’s Name: B.Kritika

Age: 18 months Father:Bhasker Mother:Madhuri Place: Ilapur village, Korutla mandal This little baby was diagnosed with Dengue to her brain, resulting in emergency care through ventilation. Arvind dharmapuri foundation has ...
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CASE 104: Baby boy

Age: 3 months Place: Jagtial Needs a surgery for a tumor in her brain. Ironically, their first baby had a similar condition and her treatment left the family ...
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CASE 103: Child’s Name: Vedanth

Place: Kummaripalli village, Raikal mandal, Jagtial Diagnosed with blood cancer, needs immediate treatment worth 8-10 lacs. His parents being daily wage laborers, cannot afford the compounding ...
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CASE 102: Child’s Name: Meghna kummari

Age: 3 years Father: Dilip Mother: Kala Place: Kandakurthi, Renjel mandal, Bodhan Segment,Nizamabad dist. This little 3 year old girl is diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome (bacterial). The baby’s family is ...
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CASE 101: Child’s Name: Baby Bhaviya sri

Age: 8 years Father: K.Raju Place: Kanteshwar village, Nizamabad This girl from Nizamabad district has suffered severe seizures at her place and the doctors at Nizamabad government hospital, where she ...
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2. ADF Welfare

Uplifting Families of Nizamabad Parliament Segment Booth Level Committee Members.  

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