About Us

A Vision of Compassion

1. Inception and Essence

Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation (ADF) was founded in 2012, born from a pivotal moment in Arvind Dharmapuri's life. His son's health crisis illuminated the vital role of resources in saving lives and kindled a deep empathy for parents grappling with poverty's grip.  

2. Compassionate Mission

ADF's core belief, "Serve Children, Serve God," drives its mission to rescue critically ill children dependent on financial support for survival.  

3. Swift and Purposeful

ADF's swift response mechanism ensures immediate aid through a single phone call, preserving lives when financial constraints endanger them.

4. Broad Impact, Brighter Futures

Over 100 diverse critical cases have been championed by ADF, with this life-changing impact expanding annually.

5. Empowerment through Education

ADF extends beyond healthcare, collaborating with corporate CSR endeavors to enhance education in 350 government schools, ensuring equitable learning opportunities.

6. Championing Orphaned Lives

ADF's embrace reaches orphaned children, advocating collective responsibility and partnering with orphanages to sponsor and support these vulnerable lives

7. Equlity In Health and Learning

Arvind envisions a world where no child is denied health or education due to financial limitations. ADF focuses on children under 12, safeguarding their holistic well-being.

8. Personal Commitment, Lasting Impact

ADF's funding is solely driven by Arvind Dharmapuri's personal dedication, underscoring its authenticity and unwavering focus.

Our Members

Key Contributors to the Foundation's Success

Sri. Arvind

President / Chairman

Sri. Dr. K. Nageshwar


Sri. Baswapuram Laxmi Narasaiah


Sri. B.Sundeep


Smt. Priyanka