1. ADF Health Care

Swift interventions, tangible impact. Over 100 transformed. Your support matters.  

CASE 166: Baby Master Anugula Shivakeshav

Father: Mr. Laxmi Narayana Age: 6 yrs 5 months Place: Thippannapet, Jagtial Diagnosis : Acute motor and sensory axonal neuropathy (AMSAN), Respiratory Failure, Cardiac arrest, Left lung collapse.Foundation Contribution: ₹1,50,000 Master Anugula Shivakeshav ...
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CASE 165: Baby Of Mr. Venkatesh

Father: Mr. Venkatesh Age: 2yrs 6months Place: MohanRaoPet, Korutla, Jagtial Diagnosis : VSD surgical closure (Open Heart Surgery) Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Master Harsha Teja from Jagtial district successfully underwent VSD closure surgery and has ...
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CASE 164: Baby Of Laya.K

Mother: Laya.K Age: 4 Months Place: Jagtial Diagnosis : Respiratory distress, probable sepsis, thrombocytopenia, HARGES severe PPHN, right side pneumothorax and hypotension. Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 The 4 day baby boy, with above said complications ...
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CASE 163: Baby Of Rahula Amulya & Vamshi

Father: Rahula Vamshi Age: 4 Months Place: KanapurDiagnosis : Congenital Hydrocephalus Foundation Contribution: ₹1,25,000 With heavy heart, anguished to learn that Baby of Rahula Amulya & Vamshi of Kanapur Village, Nizamabad dist. passed ...
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CASE 162: Baby Boy of Mrs. Bajanolla Rachana

Mother: Mrs.Rachana Age: 21 days Place: Aluru, Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Aortic Stenosis/ Percutaneous Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Doctors performed the above said procedure on this days old baby to stretch ...
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CASE 160: Baby Boy of Mr. Manwanth Patel

Father: Mr.Mallaiah Age: 2 Years Place: Aluru, Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Complex Congenital Heart Disease/Closure Complex Heart Surgery. Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Manwanth Patel from Aluru village, Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad was diagnosed with Complex ...
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2. ADF Welfare

Uplifting Families of Nizamabad Parliament Segment Booth Level Committee Members.  

ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 114 to 120: Shri Prashanth, Lingam, Rajendraprasad, Naresh, Anand, Narsiah, Prashanth Kumar

Several booth-level members of the Parliament segment fell ill for various reasons recently and were treated in the hospital.Those members and their family members in ...
arvind dharmapuri foundation
ADF Welfare Fund

Case 104 to 113: Shri Karne Narsimha Reddy, Busa Raju, Gaddam Rajender, Ranjith, Shekar, Narsaiah, Yerranna, Gopal, Srinivas, Laxman

Gladdening to have extended Financial assistance through ADF Welfare Fund to Booth level Karyakartas who have recently held House Warming ceremonies and Daughter’s wedding. Details:File ...
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 100: Late Shri Kupiryala Anil

Donated: ₹1,00,000/- Place: Chandrayanpalle Village (V), Indalwai Mandal (M), Nizamabad (D) Kupiryala Anil, a booth level member of Nizamabad Rural Constituency, Indalwai Mandal, Chandrayan Palle village, died in an unfortunate road ...
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 91 to 95: Shri Thota Harish, Durishetty Ganesh, Dedavath Ramesh Nayak, Deshetty Rajendar, Adapa Bhagya

Several booth-level members of the Parliament segment fell ill for various reasons recently and were treated in the hospital. Those members and their family members ...
arvind foundation
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 90: Late Shri Mutyala Rakesh

Donated: ₹1,00,000/- Place: Mallapur (M), Korutla Constituency   Mutyala Rakesh, a booth level member of Korutla Constituency, Mallapur Mandal passed away due to illness recently. A cheque of one ...
arvind foundation mp
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 89: Late Shri Choppari Gangadhar

Donated: ₹1,00,000/- Place: Yousuf Nagar(V), Korutla Rural(M), Korutla Constituency  Choppari Gangadhar, a booth level member of Yusuf Nagar village of Korutla rural mandal, Korutla constituency, died of heart ...
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 88: Late Shri Kantham Rajeshwar

Donated: ₹1,00,000/- Place: Chikili (V), Makloor (M), Nizamabad (D)  ఆర్మూర్ నియోజకవర్గం, మాక్లూర్ మండలం చికిలి గ్రామానికి చెందిన బూత్ స్థాయి సభ్యులు కంఠం రాజేశ్వర్ గారు ఇటీవల అనారోగ్యంతో మరణించారు.ఈ రోజు వారి కుటుంబ ...
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 87: Late Shri Kotagiri Anjaiah

Donated: ₹1,00,000/- Place: Yousuf Nagar(V), Korutla Rural(M), Korutla Constituency Kotagiri Anjaiah, a booth level member of Korutla Constituency, Korutla Rural Mandal Yusuf Nagar village died of illness recently.A ...
ADF Welfare Fund

CASE 86: Late Shri Neeradi Vijay Kumar

Donated: ₹1,00,000/- Place: Jakran Palli (M) Madapur (V), Nizamabad (D)  Nizamabad Rural Constituency, Jakran Palli Mandal Madapur Village Member Neeradi Vijay Kumar passed away due to illness recently.A ...