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Empowering Lives, Brightening Futures

At ADF Healthcare, our focus is clear – to provide essential medical support to underprivileged children and those battling diseases. With a single call, we intervene swiftly, ensuring that no child’s health suffers due to financial constraints. We’ve already transformed over 100 lives, making a real impact. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We’re also dedicated to enhancing education opportunities for a brighter tomorrow. Join us in our mission to heal, empower, and uplift young lives.

CASE 152: Baby of Kumma Swapna

Father: Mr.Kumma Ganesh Age: 3 Months 19 Days Place: Yedapalli, Ambam, Nizamabad, Telangana Diagnosis : Large PDA with posterior muscular VSD Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 This little baby girl from Yedapally village underwent a surgery ...
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CASE 151: Baby Argula Rishik

Father: Argula Sai Kumar Age: 4 years Place: Vannel, Nandipet, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Surgery for Brain Tumor Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Argula Rishik from Vennel village, underwent surgery for Brain tumour, which lasted for 10 ...
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CASE 150: Master Of Vihaan Jagannath

Father: Mr.Ravi Jagannath Age: 2months Place: Korutla, Jagtial, Telangana Diagnosis : Right congenital diaphragmatic HerniaProcedure : Laparotomy and Right congenital diaphragmatic Hernia repair. Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Baby Vihaan Jagannath underwent the above mentioned procedure successfully. ...
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CASE 149: Baby Of Dogiparthi Chaitra Sri

Father: Mr.Dogipatri Harish Age: 3 months Place: Laxmapur(V), Makloor (M), Nizamabad Diagnosis : Large Muscular VSD with BD shunt COA with Arch Hypoplasia. Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Baby Chaitra underwent surgery for a heart disease ...
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CASE 148: Master Of Dommati Tejas

Father: Mr. Dommati Ravi Age: 4months Place: Kolipaka village, Jakranpally mandal, Nizamabad. Diagnosis : Congenital Heart Disease Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Master Dommati Tejas underwent VSD closure for his congenital heart disease and was under ...
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CASE 147: Baby of Lavanya

Father: Mr. P. Naveen Gender: Male Age: 7 months Place: Arapet, Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 This 7month old Baby boy from Jagtial Underwent PDA Ligation (Patent ductus arteriosus).It is a surgery to close a ...
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