Here are few success stories from Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation diary

CASE 89:

Baby of B.Aruna priyadarshini

Age: 4 months 27 days Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease, Congenital glaucoma (Eye) Place: Palda village(Nizamabad rural)

This little baby from Nizamabad needed a two stage heart surgery for her congenital heart condition. The first stage of 100% block in pulmonary artery is treated with Rs.50,000 aid from ‘Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation’.The second stage of surgery will be performed after six months.

CASE 90:

Child's Name: Bantu Aniraj

Age: 9yrs 6 months Father: Chinna Gangaram Mother: Manjula

This Child from Nizamabad district, Dichpally mandal, Yanampally village was diagnosed with Hirschprings Disease for which child underwent Colostomy procedure and he needs 2nd sitting after 3-6 months post the current treatment.Upon learning that the poor parents have given up hopes on their child's survival because if untreated now, the infection will spread to all other body organs, Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation granted him Rs.1,46,466/- for his treatment.My wife Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri handed over the cheque to the mother and our elder son Samanyu was present there as well.

CASE 91:

Child's Name: G.Akshara

Age: 7 years Father: Ashok Diagnosis: Liver transplant, Place: Nizamabad

This little girl from Nizamabad underwent Liver Transplant, father being the donor, with 2 lakh financial aid from 'Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation'.Her father works as an office boy.She's stable and recovering well.

CASE 92:

Child's Name: Satwik

Age: 4 months Father: Anand Kumar Mother: Godavari Place: Dharpally village,dharpally mandal, Nizamabad dist

This little champ is truly a champion.He won all the battles and came out triumphant.He was stabilized from the state of coma, operated for his holes in the heart,treated for unstoppable seizures and Pneumonia, is now ready to get discharged.Last month,Arvind dharmapuri foundation gave out a massive aid of Rs.3,80,000 towards this complicated treatment.In my foundation's journey, this case is close to my heart, for its complexity and the child's desire to survive.

CASE 93:

Child's Name: Vignesh

Place: Nizamabad

This boy named Vignesh from Nizamabad district underwent surgery for a tumor in his brain with Rs.50000 aid from Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation and is out of danger.

CASE 94:

Baby boy of Hemalatha

Age: 5 days Father: Nandu, Mineral water bottles delivery boy Mother: Hemalatha, Home maker Place: Nizamabad, 48th division

This 5 day old baby boy, was diagnosed with severe Heart Disorder. He immediately needed to undergo a surgery, which could cumulate to 3.5 lakhs. Because of the humble financial background of his parents, Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation and Dr.Nageshwar Rao (co-chairman, AD Fundation), CARE hospital teamed up to shoulder 2/3’s of the expenses.

CASE 95:

Baby boy

Age: 5 months Diagnosis: Multiple complications to heart Place: Nizamabad Urban

This baby boy aged 5 months was born premature with multiple complications. He was admitted in December to Rainbow Hospitals for various health issues. The parents have exhausted all their revenues in treating the baby since his birth. As a part of my sustained strive in saving critically ill children, a portion of the treatment's expense was provided towards the treatment through our foundation. Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri(my wife) paid a visit to the baby, to overlook the progress of the baby's health and treatment.

CASE 96:

Baby boy

Age: 70 days Father: Praveen Mother: Savita Place: Ambam village,yedpally mandal, Nizamabad dist

This baby was born with complications related to Food pipe congestion. He was first operated in a hospital, which failed in no time proving fatal to baby's life. The family belongs to Schedule Caste and are deprived financially. I was called regarding the same and I swiftly took charge of the situation and assisted the baby to be admitted to Rainbow Hospitals. There he was re-operated successfully. Arvind dharmapuri Foundation has provided 1.5 lakh financial aid towards the treatment.

CASE 97:

Baby boy

Age: 2 months Diagnosis: Complex Congenital Cyanotic Heart Disease

A two month old baby needed emergency surgery as he collapsed due to cardiac issues. Parents are daily waged labor with hardly any money to support the surgery. Moved by their plight, Mrs.Priyanka Dharmapuri (my wife) on behalf of our Foundation has provided necessary financial support towards the surgery. Baby would need one more surgery within a year and we promised to take care of.

CASE 98:

Child's name: Pranjali

Age: 7 years Father: Govind, works at a tiffin center Mother: Praneeta, House wife

This little child's heart was having a great trouble and beating erroneously. Arvind dharmapuri foundation has contributed around 1.2 lacs and managed to cut down another 90,000 from hospital end for her heart surgery. The girl is doing great now and is ready to lead a normal, jubilant childhood.

CASE 99:

Baby of Swapna

Diagnosis: Cyanotic CHD, Pulmonary atresia Place: Mopal, Nizamabad

A two month old baby needed emergency surgery as he collapsed due to cardiac issues. Parents are daily waged labor with hardly any money to support the surgery. Moved by their plight, Mrs.Priyanka Dharmapuri (my wife) on behalf of our Foundation has provided necessary financial support towards the surgery. Baby would need one more surgery within a year and we promised to take care of.

CASE 100:

Child's Name: Master Wagmare Venkatesh(SC-Mala)

Age: 11 years Father: Ravi Mother: Lakshmi Place: Canal Katta, Nizamabad Town

This boy, from Nizamabad town is suffering from multiple blocks in his rectum and intestine since childhood.A two stage surgery is proposed, of which one was performed for 3hours. The second surgery will be performed in next 6months. The total expense was Rs.2, 00,000, more than 1lakh of it was contributed by our foundation.

CASE 101:

Child's Name: Baby Bhaviya sri

Age: 8 years Father: K.Raju Place: Kanteshwar village, Nizamabad

This girl from Nizamabad district has suffered severe seizures at her place and the doctors at Nizamabad government hospital, where she was initially admitted, have given up on her.Her parents and relatives approached me asking for help in the morning around 11, when I was in my residence at Nizamabad. From Nizamabad itself, I immediately alerted the team in Rainbow and made sure she reached the hospital in time in an Ambulance from Nizamabad to Hyderabad. The doctors, upon initial diagnosis said it could be acute viral encephalitis and further progress can be said after performing few tests in the coming 48hours.The girl is currently on ventilator.Please pray for her recovery.

CASE 102:

Child's Name: Meghna kummari

Age: 3 years Father: Dilip Mother: Kala Place: Kandakurthi, Renjel mandal, Bodhan Segment,Nizamabad dist.

This little 3 year old girl is diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome (bacterial). The baby's family is in financial distress owing to the debts incurred by drowning of their crops and scamming of agents in Kuwait. Arvind Dharmapuri foundation aided Rs.50, 000 for her initial treatment and promised to help for her further treatment.

CASE 103:

Child's Name: Vedanth

Place: Kummaripalli village, Raikal mandal, Jagtial

Diagnosed with blood cancer, needs immediate treatment worth 8-10 lacs. His parents being daily wage laborers, cannot afford the compounding expenses. Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation has taken up this case as its 100th case.

CASE 104:

Baby boy

Age: 3 months Place: Jagtial

Needs a surgery for a tumor in her brain. Ironically, their first baby had a similar condition and her treatment left the family penniless after spending 10lakhs.Arvind Dharmapuri foundation has accepted to take over the case and assured her treatment. This is 99th case in our ADF diary.

CASE 105:

Child's Name: B.Kritika

Age: 18 months Father:Bhasker Mother:Madhuri Place: Ilapur village, Korutla mandal

This little baby was diagnosed with Dengue to her brain, resulting in emergency care through ventilation. Arvind dharmapuri foundation has taken up this case and successfully aided her discharge in good health.

CASE 106:

Baby of Savitha

Age: 2 months 19 days Father: Labour in Dubai Monther: Savitha, House Wife Place: pipri village, Bheemgal Mandal , Nizamabad Diagnosis: VSD surgical closer, most complicated surgery ADF contribution: Rs.1,00,000.

An extremely complicated surgery involving closure of holes between ventricles was performed on this baby and is successfully accomplished.

CASE 107:

Child's Name: M.Srihan

Age: 4 months Father: Sharad Mother: Anradha Place: Chinthalpet village, Metpally mandal Diagnosis: Supracardiac TAPVC correction

This liitle 4 month old suffered from multiple complications from haeart malfunction which includes lungs dysfunction. A highly intricate surgery had to be performed for him to be out of impending danger. Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation aided the surgery. My wife Priyanka Dharmapuri, visited the baby and made sure he had a smooth discharge from the hospital.

CASE 108:

Baby of Shravani Maheshwar

Age: 1 month 5 days Place: Lingapur village, Navipet mandal Dignosis: Congenital Heart disease Treatment: Arterial switch operation

This little champ From Lingapur village, Navipet mandal diagnosed with Congenital heart disease has undergone surgery for the same with Arvind dharmapuri foundation's aid and is discharged in all good health.

CASE 109:

Baby Sahasrika,

Age: 4 years Place: Jagtial Mandal Diagnosis: Lung Infection

Baby Sahasrika was brought with severe Lung infection into the hospital.After sufficient treatment in PICU, she is discharged on the auspicious day of BHOGI.

CASE 110:

Baby of Kavitha

Father: Rajeshwar Goud Place: Narsapur village, kammarpally mandal, Nizamabad dist Foundation Contribution: Rs.1.3 Lakhs

This little baby born with Large intestine hemorrhage underwent a surgery for the same and was in ICU for last 27days, from the day he was born. He needs another surgery after 6 months for the complete rectification of rectum. I was totally moved when the baby's father was in tears and hugged me during my visit. The baby got discharged today.

CASE 111:

Baby of K.Sarika

Father: Ramesh Age: 7 Months Place: kalleda, Kaligot Diagnosis: Left HDN due to Pelvi uretic junction ostruction right geade II Vesicoureteric reflux ADF contribution: Rs.75,000

This baby boy aged 7months from Nizamabad with the above mentioned diagnosis underwent a precedure named Left Laparoscopic pyeloplasty with Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation's aid.

CASE 113:

Baby of B. Savitha

Father: Bhukya Ravi Age: 4 Months Place: Dubbak, Dharpalli, Nizamabad

This 4 month old baby was admitted with Laryngomalacia Type 3.She was treated for the same with Arvind dharmapuri foundations aid. Smt.Priyanka took care of the formalities involved.

CASE 114:

Baby K. Anushree

Father: Naveen Age: 11 Months Place: Mugpal, Dharmaram, Nizamabad

This 11 month old baby was admitted into hospital with recurrent Metopic,coronal and sagittal craniosynostosis. She was treated for the same with arvind dharmapuri foundation's aid.Smt.Priyanka dharmapuri took care of the formalities involved.

CASE 115:

Master Gudisela Surya

Father: Gudisela Ravi Place: Ambedkar colony, Korutla town Diagnosis: Endocarditis, Sepsis

This young boy was presented with infective Endocarditis and Sepsis with high fever.He was treated with Arvind dharmapuri foundations aid and is recovering well. Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri has taken care of the formalities associated with the procedure.

CASE 116:

Master Manideep

Age: 2 Years Father: D. Parsha Goud Place: Gannaram village, Indulwai mandal, Nizamabad

Manideep was admitted to hospital with severe fever and cough and later was diagnosed as Pleural Effusion for which he underwent a surgical procedure called Thorcoscopic Decortication. Our foundation has extended financial support for his treatment under Smt. Priyanka Dharmapuri's Supervision.

CASE 117 & 118:

Twin Baby Boys

Mother: Suddala Jyothi Father: Suddala Raju Place: Dharur village, Jagtial Diagnosis: Both are born with preterm complications, one of them with respiratory distress and heart issue Foundation Contribution: ₹ 2,00,000

These twin babies of the above said couple were born preterm with multiple ailments, heart being the most prominent trouble for one of them.The twins are stable now after treatment and will be discharged soon.

CASE 119:

Master : B.Nayan

Age: 2 Months Father: S Dinesh Place: Mullangi,Makloor,Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹50,000

This 2month baby underwent VSD (Ventricular septal defect) in the heart with Arvind Dharmapuri Foundations contribution.

CASE 120:

Baby of Samreen Fatima

Father: Syed abdul raoof Place:Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: 1,00,000 Diagnosis: Chronic Diarrhoea

This 2month old baby was suffering from chronic Diarrhoea almost halfway through her birth.She is being treated for the same with Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation’s aid.

CASE 121:

Baby of Shanigarapu laxmi

Father: Mr S Raju Place:Sangem, Korutla, Jagtial Foundation Contribution: 1,00,000

This little baby was born premature at 29 weeks with preterm complications and is undergoing treatment in NICU.Smt.Priyanka dharmapuri paid a visit to understand the progress of treatment and baby’s condition.The baby’s treatment requires large pool of funds which are being coordinated from Milap crowd funding, Rainbow and other sources.We continue to assist in the baby’s further treatment.

CASE 122:

Baby of Seema

Father:N. Naveen Place:: Navipet mandal, Chavidi village, Nizamabad

Born preterm (28weeks), weighed 1.1 kg at the time of birth.Diagnosed as RDS/ HMD Foundation Contribution:₹.1,00,000. Further assistance will be provided,as treatment progresses. Smt.Priyanka dharmapuri paid a visit to understand the progress of treatment and baby’s condition.

CASE 123:

Baby of Sravanthi

Age: 1 Month Father:Y.Suresh Place:Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: Around ₹45,000 Diagnosis: Abdominal Distention, Jaundice

This 1 month old baby was admitted into hospital with severe distension of Abdomin.She went into critical state, when our foundation intervened and suggested for better treatment and aided her treatment.The parents extended their tearful thanks when smt.Priyanka visited the baby.

CASE 124:

Master Chityala Adwaith

Age: 8 Months Father: Chityala Rakesh Place: Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹ 1,00,000 Diagnosis: Acute Kidney injury, Refractory status epileptictus, Severe LV disfunction, Hyperlactamia, Mitochondrial encephalopathy.

This 8 month old baby was diagnosed with multiple ailments as mentioned above and his survival is a miracle to the medical fraternity. The parents had to sell their land and house for his mounting expenses.They broke down into tears when Smt.Priyanka visited them and thanked her for extending help through the foundation.She sat with them for more than 30min and pacified the distressed parents. The baby is getting discharged today.

CASE 125:

Master D.Aswanth

Age: 4years Father: Mr.Pedda Bojanna Place: Sirikonda Foundation Contribution: ₹50,000 Diagnosis: ASD (hole in the heart)

Kudos to Science and Doctors!! This Little Champ is all set to be discharged after being operated on his heart, just in a day's time.

CASE 126:

Master of Konda Charith

Age: 6 yrs 4 months Father:Mr.Nagaraju Place: Bhimgal, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Diagnosis: Hole in the heart.

Master Charith from Bhimgal underwent surgery for closure of hole in his heart, under Dr. Nageshwar Rao’s supervision and is recovering well now.Charith’s mother thanked Smt.Priyanka dharmapuri for the foundation’s aid and her presence.

CASE 127:

Baby of D.Laharika

Age: 4 Months Place: Vemulakurthi, Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Diagnosis: Hole in the Heart.

This little one, 4 months old suffered from hole in the heart since birth.He was operated successfully for the same, under supervision of Dr.Nageshwar rao and ready to be discharged.

CASE 128:

Baby of Prathyusha

Age: 1 month 13 days Place: Kondur, Sirikonda, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Diagnosis: Preterm complications

This little baby from sirikonda is born preterm with multiple complications and had to undergo treatment in NICU. Smt. Priyanka dharmapuri visited the baby to understand the baby’s progress.

CASE 129 & 130 :

Baby of Lahari (Twin Babies)

Place: Raghavapet village, Mallapur Mandal,Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹2,50,000

These two little babies were born almost 500 grams each, with their organs underdeveloped. I took it as a challenge to save the twins and this case is dear to my heart.

CASE 131:

Baby of Rohit pallerla

Age: 5 moths 21days Father: Anil Mother: Pallavi Place: Raikal, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹60,000 Surgical Procedure : COA Repair .

This little baby was operated for compression of Aorta in his heart with our foundation's aid.

CASE 132:

Baby of Santoshi

Age: 1 year 5 Months Father: P. Eshwar Place: Bhagyanagar, Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Surgical Procedure : COA Repair .

This 1.5 month old baby was born preterm followed by severe respiratory distress, infections, intraventricular hemorrhage and other complications. He was treated for the same till he was stable and discharged.

CASE 133:

Master N. Nithin

Age: 13 Years Guardian: Mr. Ganga Saidu Place: Lakkampally village, Nandipet mandal, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : B-Cell acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia .

Smt. Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the Boy and his Mother to understand his progress.

CASE 134:

Master Angula Vishnu

Age: 9 Yearrs 8 months Guardian: Mr. Angula Narsaiah Place: Nandipet, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : Brain tumor

Master Anugula vishnu is diagnosed with brain tumor and undergoing chemotherapy for the same. Smt. Priyanka dharmapuri visited the boy in the hospital to learn about his recovery. Vishnu’s father is a worker in gulf.

CASE 135&136:

Baby of Twin babies

Father: Chinthakindi Harish Mother: Chinthakindi pujitha Place: Kaligot, Jakranpally, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹2,00,000 Diagnosis : Premature Complications

Treatment started with ventilation and later on oxygen support.

CASE 137:

Master Nayan Vishwa posala

Father: Praveen Kumar posala Age: 1yr 7 months Place: Guthpa villlage, Makloor mandal, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : Master Nayan was born with hole in the heart and operated for the same with our foundation’s aid.

CASE 138:

Baby of Suhasini

Guardian: Jagadishawar Age: 9 Months Place: Metpally, Jagtial, Telangana Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : Hole in the heart, blockage of bood vessel of the heart

This 9month old from Metpally was born with a hole in the heart and had a block in one of the blood vessels of the heart. He underwent a surgery for the same with our foundation’s aid and recovered.

CASE 139:

Baby of Mamatha

Father: Mr. Ramulu Age: 5 Months Occupation: Agriculture labour Place: Dharmaram village, Edpalli mandal, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : Two holes in the heart

This 5month old little girl was born with two holes in her heart. She successfully underwent surgery for the same with our foundation’s aid.

CASE 140:

Baby of Swapna

Guardian: Dubbaka Ashok Age: New born Place: Yedpally village, Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : Colostomy

This little new born underwent Colostomy, was in 7days of observation in NICU and then in ward.He is doing well and got discharged today. smt. Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby to understand his progress.

CASE 141:

Baby of Rajeshwari

Father: Mr. Narsaiah Age: New Born Place: Ibrahimpatnam, Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Diagnosis : Arterial switch operation

This little new underwent Artetial switch operation, following 6days of treatment in CICU and then 3days in ward. He is stable and to be discharged in two days. Smt. Priyanka dharmapuri visited the hospital to oversee the post-operation condition of the baby.

CASE 142:

Baby of Master Sriyan

Father: Mr. Srikanth Age: 3months Place: Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Diagnosis : Congenital heart disease

3month old Sriyan underwent a surgery for a hole in his heart. Smt. Priyanka dharmapuri visited the hospital to follow up with condition of the baby.

CASE 143:

Baby of Shyeyansh

Father: Mr. Ganga Charan Age: 1yr Place: Vannel, Balkonda, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Organic Acidemia(Metabolic Disorder) with Acute Kidney injury, severe stomache Infection, Encephalopathy with stridor and is in coma.

Master Shreyansh was fighting with multiple serious health conditions. Smt.Priyanka dharmapuri visited Shreyansh’s family to understand the condition and recovery of the baby. He was in Coma and the recovery was a long battle for the baby and we stood by his side throughout. I was in constant consultations with the doctors & hospital on the same. After few days, he was cured of his multiple health disorders & conditions, which was a gratifying moment for me.

CASE 144:

Baby of Naika Sravanthi

Father: Mr. Naika Suman Age: 1 month, Male Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000 Place: Jakranpally, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Congenital Heart Disease

This new born from Nizamabad, born with congenital heart-disease, was operated successfully for the same by placing a permanent Pace maker. Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the hospital to oversee the baby’s recovery.

CASE 145:

Baby of Nithin Lachavar

Father: Mr. Naika Suman Age: 12 days Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000 Place: Satapur village, Renjal Mandal, Nizamabad District Diagnosis : Severe Lung infection

This 12days old baby boy from my constituency was born with water and infection in the lungs. The infection eventually spread to blood and heart & was critical under ventilation support in a local hospital. We have shifted the baby from the treating hospital to Rainbow Hospitals, in an advanced ambulance equipped with Ventilator. After undergoing treatment, the baby was out of ventilator and got discharged.

CASE 146:

Baby of Navnitha

Father: Naresh goud Age: 2 Months Place: Nizamabad Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

This 2 month old Baby girl from Nizamabad was born with multiple blocks in the Heart. The baby Underwent Surgery with ADF financial assistance, got treated in ICU for 10days..

CASE 147:

Baby of Lavanya

Father: Mr. P. Naveen Gender: Male Age: 7 months Place: Arapet, Jagtial Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

This 7month old Baby boy from Jagtial Underwent PDA Ligation (Patent ductus arteriosus).It is a surgery to close a blood vessel called the ductus arteriosus, which normally closes after birth. But in PDA, it stays open. This causes some of the blood that should go from the heart to the body to go to the lungs instead). Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby to understand his progress and further recovery .

CASE 148:

Master Of Dommati Tejas

Father: Mr. Dommati Ravi Age: 4months Place: Kolipaka village, Jakranpally mandal, Nizamabad. Diagnosis : Congenital Heart Disease Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

Master Dommati Tejas underwent VSD closure for his congenital heart disease and was under post-op care in PICU. Smt. Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby and his family to understand his recuperation.

CASE 149:

Baby Of Dogiparthi Chaitra Sri

Father: Mr.Dogipatri Harish Age: 3 months Place: Laxmapur(V), Makloor (M), Nizamabad Diagnosis : Large Muscular VSD with BD shunt COA with Arch Hypoplasia. Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

Baby Chaitra underwent surgery for a heart disease with our foundation’s aid and discharged from hospital after recuperation. Myself or Priyanka Dharmapuri Couldn’t visit the baby, as we were not in the city.

CASE 150:

Master Of Vihaan Jagannath

Father: Mr.Ravi Jagannath Age: 2months Place: Korutla, Jagtial, Telangana Diagnosis : Right congenital diaphragmatic Hernia Procedure : Laparotomy and Right congenital diaphragmatic Hernia repair. Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000

Baby Vihaan Jagannath underwent the above mentioned procedure successfully. Smt Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby and the family to understand his progress.

CASE 151:

Baby Argula Rishik

Father: Argula Sai Kumar Age: 4 years Place: Vannel, Nandipet, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Surgery for Brain Tumor Foundation Contribution: ₹1,00,000

Argula Rishik from Vennel village, underwent surgery for Brain tumour, which lasted for 10 long hours. Post surgery, he needs PICU stay for 1week and ward stay for 10days. Praying for his earliest recovery !

CASE 152:

Baby of Kumma Swapna

Father: Mr.Kumma Ganesh Age: 3 Months 19 Days Place: Yedapalli, Ambam, Nizamabad, Telangana Diagnosis : Large PDA with posterior muscular VSD Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

This little baby girl from Yedapally village underwent a surgery for a heart condition. Smt Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby girl in the hospital.

CASE 153:

Baby Of Zobia Erum

Father: MD Abdul Hamid Age: 7 yrs 5 Months Place: Jagtial Diagnosis : Liver Transplantation Foundation Contribution: ₹2,00,000

This little girl from Jagtial underwent a complicated Liver Transplant. Her father with same blood group but being diabetic couldn’t donate and the transplant being an emergency, mother donated her Liver though the blood group was a mismatch. Post operative care is also elaborate, owing to the immunity complications resulting from the blood group mismatch of the donor and the recipient. ADF contributed ₹2,00,000 towards this transplant and coordinated with various other organisations in raising ₹20,00,000. The entire procedure and care amounts to approximately 40 lakhs. The girl is expected to be discharged in a week from now.

CASE 154:

Baby of Salma Begum

Father: Mr.Shaik Sajid Age: 9 Days Place: Nizamabad, Telangana Diagnosis : Heart Surgery Foundation Contribution: ₹60,000

This 9 day old baby underwent a surgery for a birth heart condition. He needs a prolonged stay and care at the hospital. Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby to understand his progress.

CASE 155:

Baby of A.Varshika

Father: Mr.Rajeshwar Rao Age: 5M, 21Days Place: Nizamabad, Telangana Diagnosis : Hole in the heart Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

This 5 month old baby from Nizamabad was presented with fast breathing for 1month into the hospital. She was diagnosed with a hole in the heart and underwent a surgery for the same. Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby to understand baby Varshika’s progress in recuperation. The parents expressed their happiness to Smt.Priyanka and thanked for the help extended through our foundation.

CASE 156:

Baby of Sumalatha

Father: Mr.Badavath Gangadhar Age: 2 Months Place: Thanda, Dichpally, Nizamabad, Telangana Diagnosis : 1 Truncus arteriosus/ Truncus Repair surgery Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

This 2 month old baby from Nizamabad underwent Truncus Repair surgery for his Type 1 Truncus Arteriosus. Smt.Priyanka Dharmapuri visited the baby to find out about his post surgery management, Recovery and Discharge.

CASE 157:

Baby of Mrs.Deepa Rani

Father: Mr.Bhargav Age: 18 Days Place: Ammakkapet(V), Ibrahimpatnam(M), Jagtial(D) Diagnosis : Hydroureteronephrosis, Sepsis, Increased bladder wall thickening Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

A 18-day-old bay boy from Ammakkapet, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Hydroureteronephrosis, Candida Sepsis, Increased bladder thickening was admitted into Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. He had earlier been treated in Karimnagar for 11 days. After undergoing 12day treatment here, he is discharged today.

CASE 159:

Baby Boy of Mr.Master Rithwik Avadhutha

Father: Mr.Mr. Swamy Avadhutha Age: 5 Years Place: Sirikonda, Nizamabad Diagnosis : High risk Neuroblastoma, Bone marrow transplantation Foundation Contribution: ₹1,50,000

Rithwik Avadutha from sirikonda was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma last year. He underwent 3-stage treatment which includes Chemotherapy, 2 cycles of TVD and finally Bone marrow transplantation. After the successful transplantation, Rithwik was discharged from the hospital with protocol for management at home.

CASE 160:

Baby Boy of Mr. Manwanth Patel

Father: Mr.Mallaiah Age: 2 Years Place: Aluru, Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad Diagnosis : Complex Congenital Heart Disease/Closure Complex Heart Surgery. Foundation Contribution: ₹75,000

Manwanth Patel from Aluru village, Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad was diagnosed with Complex Congenital Heart Disease for which he successfully underwent Closure Complex Heart Surgery. For ADF, saving this precious life marks the 160th milestone..